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Who not knows so he will not pity, may be this is part from word series that can at lay open when we only know name Sumenep, but Sumenep very bring meaning and meaning from a regency with various the natural beauty. Not loose from our observation when wants to ascertain what is in end regency east island Madura this something that stills natural, you want to know ? visit by now. Tens visible island, the coast beauty, mosque jami artistic, fossil palace Sumenep stand rigid in the middle of city, special food variety Sumenep, all this is very natural. certain this matter is very knocks at your heart is all to hurries to aim regency Sumenep.

Regency sumenep has vast area 2.000 kilometer square divided two parts, landing for the width of 1.147 kilometer square (17 district)s and archipelago for the width of 853 kilometer square. island total that has as much as 76 fruit and vast waters around 50.000 kilometer square. this last is primadona tour sumenep. those isle, pearl series basin, glue indonesia is beautiful archipelagic country.

Island line in the east island madura maidenlike dance this called archipelago kangean. nick name because island front biggest kangean. besides there are still more island sapudi, raas, puteran, pentile, gili iyang, and king island. regency government sumenep called archipelago area as tour object island resort.


Located at Lombang Village, Batang-Batang Sub District, Sumenep, about 28 km East of the town, Lombang Beach covers a total area of 14 hectars. Local endemic plants called Cemara Udang (Casuarina tree), coconut, and palm trees grow well at the browny whitesand beach.

The extraordinary tradition of the local people of Legung Fishing Village near the beach is their habit of sleeping on white sands. Such tradition can only be seen in the village. Facilities :
Lombang is an ideal place for sun bathing, boat sailing, and restaurants are available in the town of
Sumenep. It's also equipped with an open stage for cultural performances.


Coast Slopeng situated 21 kilometer from downtown Sumenep be coast many visited good tourist outside and in country. coast slopeng very special compared with coasts other in Indonesia, because this coast presents to turned hill that surrounded by outspre sand desert hill through the street aims principal coast access slopeng.

Slopeng known with his sand dune that rises out, impress very beautiful and cool looked at moment sunrise and at time of sun sinks. espoused wave pounding doesn't desist it to wait for tourists.

Coast Slopeng not only at encircle sand dune but at neat appear coconut tree appear vinicity although grows by itself, so that when daytime coast atmosphere shade increase. At coast yard many food sellers and special drink Madura likes rujak, soto slopeng, coconut kopyor and young coconut. Particularly if bew arrival fishermans catch our fish can direct buy and direct burn it (wow so taste fish the fresh taste burns special this). Situation a kind of this is the taste increase goes at Sumenep.



Bullrace is one of Madura's culture they like it very much. The beginning of the bullrace originated from the fact that Madura is not so fertile that is not good for agriculture, instead the Madurese cath fish and breed cows and bulls which are also used for farming especially to plough the fields where paddies or second crop plants are grown.

A man named Syeh Ahmad Baidawi who firstly introduced the weay of working the soil with using bamboo sled pulled by two bulls known as " Nanggala or Salaga ". He was actually a proselytizer who came to Madura to spread up Islam bul also touch Madurese the way of ploughing the fields. This is way he got tittle " Pangeran Katandur " ( Prince of Planter ).

The early purpose the bullrace held is to get strong bulls for ploughing. The Madurese take care of the bulls and compete them in ploughing their fields as soon as possible. In this way the idea of competing come into existence and then developed into organized sport called " BULLRACE ". The bullrace soon becomes routine activities carried of every year especially when harvest on the fields has finished.

The Condition Of Bulls To Race

The condition of the bulls which are allowed to compete should have some requirements such as :
a. the bulls are of madurese stock and color or madurese origin ;
b. they have to be healthy and strong ;
c. their teeth should have fallen out.

The Process Of The Bullrace Held

To preserve this traditional activity, the race is held every year and set from August through October. The process of the race begins from district and regency races and culminating in the grand final to win the President Cup.

The Technique of The Bullrace

The race is conducted in a series of elimination heats between winners and loosers of proceeding heats. It completely has four phases that consist of :

- The first phase in which all the bulls compete in two pairs to set apart the winners from the loosers ( both the winners and the loosers still have a chance to compete again )

- The second phase or the pre selection heat the winners compete against the winners and the loosers compete against the loosers to decide the winners of the winners and the winners of the loosers ( in this phase both the loosers do not allowed to compete again )

- The third phase or the semi final is to determine three pairs winners of the winners and three pairs winners of the loosers

- The fourth phase is the final will decide the first, second and third champions of the winners and of the loosers.

When The Bullrace Held

Bullrace competition is always held in September, October and November every year, but one can also see bullrace when he needs if he serve first to the Tourism and Cultural Service, Husbandry Service or Paguyupan Kerapan Sapi ( Group of Bullowners ).


Codhi' is a very small keris usually used as a tusuk konde of woman hair. in the past time it was also functioned as a dagger to defend from the enemy attack. Codhi' Sumekar dance is played by girl dancers. It describes ketangkasan of Sumenep women.


Asta Tinggi has two main buildings. The first is on the west side where one can find an old ‘pendopo’ and three grave dooms. It is a simple ‘pendopo’ used to held a meeting in the time ago, while the dooms is a placed for grave.


The old building on the right side of the road is a place for keeping a gold carriage, a gift from Queen of England to Sumenep King. Beside that it is also used to keep other old things like old chairs, old table and the like.

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Traditional Painting from Sumenep

Cusorily this painting belongs to famous painter, actually not, because this painting is painted by a son Sumenep original enough good and at full. Art paints traditional Sumenep Madura this painted by hand skilled. Colour touch, picture and the soft pictures at display to give colour aloof. This painting is sold to whom that intend, at the price of enough achievable. This painting haves society life Sumenep Madura that love folk art likes: bull race, chiken fight and madura women and very at full.

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